Finding a doctor to perform circumcision in Australia

Anyone who has tried to find a doctor to perform a circumcision on a baby will know that it is not really an easy task! The operation is banned in most public hospitals in Australia, and many of these hospitals consider it to be unnecessary mutilation so will not even refer you to one of the few remaining doctors who are prepared to do it. When you try to find someone on google, often you will find that the doctor no longer performs circumcision, or has retired. There are virtually no young doctors willing to take their place because of the threat of legal action from young men who resent having part of their genitals removed without their consent.

Then, when you do find someone, they often do not provide all of the necessary information you need to make the decision. Most are exclusively in the business of performing infant circumcisions, so of course they are going to tell you its the right thing to do, and that they way they do it and the method they use is the best!

So this site has two main objectives:

1. To provide a comprehensive directory of all of the doctors in Australia who are willing to perform circumcisions; and

2. To provide comprehensive and unbiassed information on both the doctors and the circumcision methods they use.


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