Parents who regret cutting their baby

Many parents only learn the truth about circumcision when it is too late. Read their stories here:

This is a must read for any mother considering this surgery for their son. Contains 32 pages of posts, with some heart-wreching stories of regret:

Here are some other quotes:

“He is my perfect little guy and I am so mad at myself for putting him through this. I feel like a failure of a mother! How could I not protect him. How could I just let them do a surgery on my one day old PERFECT baby without doing any research???? I am so angry at myself, I can’t stand it. I make myself sick to my stomach wishing I could go back to that day and change things. Has anyone had their son go through this? What was the outcome? I feel so lost and don’t know who to trust. I have permanently mutilated my perfect baby boy. I regret it with my whole heart and soul.”

“I did not know, but I knew.  It did not feel right. Not for me and not for my son.  I should have trusted my intuition and questioned what was happening. Every day I think of those moments in the hospital when Owen was not with me.  Every day.  They were life changing for me. It would be years before I found validation that my intuition was right, and even then I would not be able to read all of the reasons why.  It is still too painful.  But I have learned enough to know that standard circumcision is outdated.  That the reasons we do it do not make sense, and that I allowed my baby to be mutilated.”

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