Dr Anthony Dilley

Dr Anthony Dilley

Dr Dilley has been quoted as saying that one of the main reasons for circumcision is “to look like dad”. Of all the reasons put forward to promote circumcision, this has to be one of the most ridiculous.  Firstly, your son is going to look different to his father in many ways – from eye colour, hair colour, height etc. If the father had lost a finger in an accident would you amputate your baby’s finger so that they can look the same? When it comes to his penis there are huge differences due to the fact that his father is a fully developed man.

As Ronald Goldman says “This idea may be part of a psychological defence mechanism called projection, the process of attributing feelings to others that belong to oneself. It is the circumcised father who may have some psychological issues if he looks different from his son. The fear of confronting these issues in themselves could motivate circumcised men to cling to the myth that intact sons will have such issues.”

If a intact boy ever does ask why he looks different to his circumcised father there is a simple explanation. And that is that years ago when your father was born his parents did not have access to the internet and other resources where they could have read about the functions of the foreskin. They simply believed their opportunistic doctor. Most doctors today realise that genital cutting of babies is unethical and damaging.  Every other doctor near central Sydney gave away the barbaric practice of circumcision many years ago, but Dr Anthony Dilley relies on the few remaining uninformed parents to continue this bizzare procedure.

Click here to watch a YouTube video on the ‘look like his dad’ idiocy.

Other circumcision information for Sydney:

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5 responses to “Dr Anthony Dilley

  1. Tegan

    Dr Dilley circumcised my son, he is fantastic and I am hoping to have my next son circumcised by him also when he is born in Feb..

  2. Sarah D

    Anthony Dilley makes a lot of $$$ from circumcisions so he is strongly in favor. Respect mother nature and leave the little boys alone! Circumcision is ugly and barbaric!

  3. Erica

    Personally, I don’t care what Dr Dilley has been quoted as saying his reasoning for doing what he does because when I chose to have both of my sons circumcised I didn’t base my decision on his reasonings, but rather my own and those of many other medical researchers. Plus I would highly doubt that Dr Dilley, or any doctor for that matter, would be conducting such practices based off of such simple reasoning as your article suggests. I am sure that an educated man such as himself has far more calculated reasons for doing what he does.

  4. Ben

    Why are you so barbaric with your castigation of the doctor? It is a decision that lies with the parents. Just like some parents consent to something as delicate as a sex change for their kids! Respect that decision and stop feigning concern for a child you would never love as much as the parents do!!

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