Dr Milton Sales

Dr Milton Sales

At least Dr Sales is honest in some respects, and shows photos of the complications from the procedure itself. It almost goes without saying that babies who are left with all of their genitals intact will not be at risk of any of these conditions.


Have you had any experience, good or bad, with this doctor? We would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.


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4 responses to “Dr Milton Sales

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  2. Serene

    Dr. Steriliser… both with the Milton, and with making your future adult son impotent through the sensation-damaging procedure of CIRCUMCISION. The largest consumer of Viagra as a nation is the largest circumcisor. NOT a conicidence!! I have NO SEX LIFE because my husband has poor sensation in his penis because of butchers like you!!

    • Stephen

      Give me a break, if you were that worried about your sex life and apparent lack of why would you get married to him? Blame his parents not the doctor.

      • John

        Why not blame the doctor AND the parents? It’d make more sense.

        The Doctor doesn’t give adequate information, and willingly accepts to mutilate children. The parents don’t do their research, and willingly allow their child to be mutilated.

        Anyone who has their child circumcised has taken from their child over 10,000 nerve endings (The most sensitive part of their genitals), perhaps the most pleasurable part of their body, and of course, their physical integrity. Both parties, the Doctor and the Parents, are uneducated, mindless imbeciles in my eyes.

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