Dr Muhammad Mateen

Dr Muhammad Mateen

Indian doctor Mohammed Mateen Ui Jabbar was suspended for three months over his attempted circumcision of a 26-month-old boy which resulted in gross swelling and severe scarring of the toddler’s genitals.

Apart from Dr Jabbar having his medical licence suspended for 3mths, Dr Jabbar has ongoing restrictions on his ability to engage in the circumcision of minors. Specifically, Dr Jabbar is only permitted to “circumcise infants up to the age of 4 months in his clinic” and “on children 5 years to 18 years in a hospital or approved day care facility with appropriate anaesthesia under the supervision of and as directed by a consultant anaesthetist”.

Dr Jabbar also appeared before the board two years ago when he was reprimanded for “unnecessarily” touching a patient’s breasts before telling her they were “sagging” and could be corrected with a breast lift or implants.

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  1. ross smith

    dr. jabbar is good with bcc removals. he has left coburg clinic and i need more cancers cut out. i miss his cosmetic skills.

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