Dr Terry Russell

Dr Terry Russell (with Dr Peter Loth, Dr Melissa Gilbert)

Dr Terry Russell is a Queensland GP who has specialises in infant circumcision. He boasts that he has performed more that 30,000 circumcisions. He was fined for opportunistically diagnosing and performing hundreds of tongue-tie surgeries while performing circumcisions during 1999. He has also breached advertising guidelines in the past by falsely stating that circumcision prevents cancer of the penis.

Click here for further information, especially important information on the lack of effectiveness of the EMLA anesthetic cream, which the manufacturers do not recommend for infant circumcisions.

Those who were circumcised by Dr Russell and are now old enough to understand the damage that has been done may be interested in taking legal action. In 1993, the Qld Law Reform Commission’s review into male circumcision concluded: “On a strict interpretation of the assault provisions of the Queensland Criminal Code, routine circumcision of a male infant could be regarded as a criminal act”, and that doctors who perform circumcision on male infants may be liable to civil claims by that child at a later date. This is yet to be tested in an Australian court. If you are interested in taking legal action against Dr Terry Russell or any other Queensland doctor please visit this facebook page.


Have you had any experience, good or bad, with this doctor? We would like to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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One response to “Dr Terry Russell

  1. Bill Jordan

    This was a message from a member of Essential Baby
    I still wouldn’t recommend
    him, and wouldn’t recommend circumcision at all anymore, even though my 3 sons
    were done. Just don’t see why we put them through all that now.

    But you were right, luckily he uses the emla cream at least. What do you know
    about him? I know I have recommended him in the past, before I knew he LIED to
    us about pain and discomfort etc.

    And some posts in 2005
    Hi, I have had my 3 boys done by Terry Russell and I just want you to please be
    very aware of the things that can go wrong. 2 of my 3 boys had something
    different go wrong which ended up being extremely painful for them (and
    upsetting for us) and I don’t know if it was the doctor, or just we were

    Be aware of the scar tissue tightening up and squeezing the little bit of
    foreskin back over the penis and needing to be cut and bandaged (lots of blood
    and pain from an otherwise painfree procedure).

    And also of the rest of the foreskin (the little remaining bit) re-adhering back
    onto the penis and having to have it pulled back at a later date. This happened
    to my third son and Dr Terry Russell assured me this would NOT hurt OR
    bleed….and it did both. Axx screamed for over 3 hours and it bled. I was so
    angry and upset.

    If the procedure went as planned all would be fine and I have recommended him in
    the past, but after what happened to Axx I am so hurt and angry, and

    Please everyone, don’t turn this into an anti-circumcision debate, I just want
    to let this mum know our personal experience. Terry Russell assured me this
    would be so unlikely to happen, yet it did. I am still angry at him for not
    being honest about how much it would hurt Axx when he pulled it back later

    Anyway, I will sleep much better tonight knowing I was honest in telling you
    about it. Be very careful, and allow for the chance this could happen PLEASE!

    Thank You.

    Just wanted to add I feel so sick reliving that experience to you. Ashley was
    done at only a few weeks of age, and we went back with the ‘problem’ when he was
    around 2yrs old. So his screaming (at the top of his lungs with a bleeding
    penis) was true pain. I will never ever forget it, or forgive myself, or the
    doctor. Ever. It took Ashley nearly another 18mths before he would allow anyone
    to touch him when washing or dressing etc. He was hyper-sensitive and remembered
    the pain and experience.

    Oh, I feel sick now……

    “Franny, I will be extremely open-minded & honest.

    First, Thank you so much for that link, and I recommend anyone who is
    considering this to go take a look.

    Also, they took my babies away for this procedure. My boys all had THE EMLA
    CREAM applied, so I am now hoping that it was painfree for them. But – IF they
    cut and sliced like that link (and I am hoping some docs do it diffently)that is
    incorrect to what I was told. And I know it is a very big possibility this is
    what happened to my kids.

    As I said earlier in my first post, I wouldn’t have done this if I had my time
    over again. I used to get annoyed when others always assumed circumcision
    involved slicing and dicing, but now I can see even the plastibell method could
    be almost as bad.

    Thank you again Franny for showing us that, and from a mum who had her boys
    ‘done’ (not so they could look like dad, for many other clean-type reasons) be
    very aware of what and why you are doing this. The pamphlet the surgery gave out
    to us was many pages long of documented cases of adults and older children
    having to be circumcised because of infections etc, higher risks of aids and
    other stds etc. Maybe all that was not all true??

    I am keeping an open mind.

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