Dr Anil Kumar Patil

Dr Anil Kumar Patil

At least Dr Patil is honest, to some extent, on his website. He states:

“Some people are under the impression that there is no cutting involved and that is not so. It is normal practice to trim off the surplus foreskin but not till after the circulation is cut off. If that’s not done it’s too difficult to keep clean and more likely to get infected. Removal of the foreskin is part of the Plastic Circumcision Device procedure, so that when the procedure is over, circumcision is complete. However, due to the application of the anaesthetic cream, he should not feel any pain.”

On the last sentence you should note the following:
– the manufacturers of the aneaesthetic cream do not recommend it for use on infants under 2 years of age
– the aneasthetic cream lasts only a few hours. When an adult undergoes circumcision he can choose to take post-operative pain killing medication. A baby boy gets no releif from the fresh wound on the most sensitive part of his body.

Further information on the truth of the plastibel techniche can be found here.


Circumwise Pty Ltd

Website: http://www.circumwise.com.au
Email: circumwise@circumwise.com

537 Springvale Rd
Vermont South, Melbourne, Victoria 3133
Phone: (03) 9886 3336

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