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As more and more Americans realize they’ve been sold a bill of goods about circumcision, and as fewer parents are willing to allow their sons to be tied down and mutilated for a fee, physicians and others with a financial or psychological interest struggle to find new reasons for promoting the Great American Rip-Off .

This week’s example comes via an article published in the journal Cancer, which describes a “statistical sampling” study leading to the conclusion that circumcision may lead to lower prostate cancer rates. “Circumcision,” the study claims, “can hinder infection and inflammation that may lead to this malignancy.”

I could say a lot about this “study,” but in the interest of brevity and timeliness, I will limit myself to the following:

First, the authors relied on self-reporting for circumcision status, history of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and age at first intercourse. Self-reports about disease history and…

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The Plastibell circumcision technique

The plastibell technique is the most popular method for circumcision in Australia.This technique involves applying the plastibel devcie so that it restricts the blood flow to the foreskin until the tissue dies and drops off. It is similar to a controversial technique used in farming in Australia for docking an animal’s tail and castration, where a rubber band (elastrator) is used.

While the pro-cutting doctors will try to tell you that the risks are minimal, you should know that babies do die as a direct result of being circumcised by the Plastibell technique:

Ontario boy dies after complications from circumcision

Canada: Circumcision questioned following plastibell death

One myth about this technique is that it doesnt involve cutting. See this post from BubHub on the truth of what is involved.

More information can be found at the following links:

Warning: graphical pictures of severe infections as a result of Plastibell circumcisions:

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Circumcision decision maker

Circumcision is a permament body modification that will affect your child’s comfort and every sexual experience for life. Therefore it is a decision that should not be taken lightly. The following decision making tool will help you make this decision:

Circumcision decision maker.

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A new father’s view of circumcision

Finding out that you’re going to be a parent is an exciting, yet surreal, moment.

But, if you’ve got a boy on the way, one of the decisions you’ll need to make is whether his penis will circumcised or not. This is the decision that my fianceé left to me last year when we found out the sex.

Anna was indifferent about it, and I just assumed our boy would be circumcised, mostly because I am myself. We also live in the United States (New Jersey to be particular) and it just seemed like something everybody does.

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The Intact America Blog

As you may know, Alan Cumming, star of stage and screen, is a vocal supporter of intactivism, and serves on Intact America’s Board of Advocates. Alan was recently asked by the Wall Street Journal to write about circumcision, but the paper’s editors ultimately felt his essay was “too raw” for their readers. We are delighted to print it here, with Alan’s permission, in its entirety.

“May the foreskin be with you,” by Alan Cumming

No man will deny that it feels pretty great to have someone gasp at your penis.

Well, that’s what happened to me when I first moved to America and started to show people the contents of my underpants. But their gasping was not due to my gargantuan girth (though no complaints so far, thank you very much!) but more to the fact that I, unlike the vast majority of American males, have not been genitally mutilated…

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