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As more and more Americans realize they’ve been sold a bill of goods about circumcision, and as fewer parents are willing to allow their sons to be tied down and mutilated for a fee, physicians and others with a financial or psychological interest struggle to find new reasons for promoting the Great American Rip-Off .

This week’s example comes via an article published in the journal Cancer, which describes a “statistical sampling” study leading to the conclusion that circumcision may lead to lower prostate cancer rates. “Circumcision,” the study claims, “can hinder infection and inflammation that may lead to this malignancy.”

I could say a lot about this “study,” but in the interest of brevity and timeliness, I will limit myself to the following:

First, the authors relied on self-reporting for circumcision status, history of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and age at first intercourse. Self-reports about disease history and…

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  1. Denise

    . Have circumcisers killed thousands with impunity in the US with no public outcry? And that is the ones reported.
    Did somebody get the check in the mail?

    The only reason one would mutilate any healthy childs sexual organ is cowardly aggressive dominance teamed with cold hearted hate and a desire to punish male babies and society.
    Circumcising infants is child abuse time can’t heal, and each baby that gets it is a sign of the failure to protect the innocent. How disturbing to think helpless baby screams in this country fall on deaf ears and nobody worthwhile can hear it. $$$ won out over compassion years ago, but I hate to think so many newborns paid the victim price. The circumcisers however, will not enjoy the paper they got for it because you can’t profit from ill gotten gains. And a mutilated baby is as ill as your gains can get.

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