Every six months or so a group of pro-cutters will issue a press release to the Australian media with the latest ‘reason’ to rush out and circumcise your baby before it’s ‘too late’. The formula they use is predictable, and always uses one or more of these strategies. This should be mandatory reading if you are expecting a baby boy, because you will now be able to identify how they are trying to manipulate you. Or if you are a health or lifestyle journalist perhaps you will be able to put that media release under a little more scrutiny.

Intactivists of Australasia

Circumcision - penis size australiaTo convince otherwise well-meaning parents to take their precious, perfectly formed baby boy and amputate one of the most intimate, sensitive parts of his body would take a compelling argument. While cultural and religous influences can be strong, certain pro-circumcision individuals and groups have devised a formula to help parents go against their instincts and have their baby circumcised. We reveal the secrets to their formula to help Australian and New Zealand parents identify when they are about to be conned:

1) Keep releasing new and recycling ‘studies’ pointing to the mostly-discredited medical benefits of circumcision (perpetuating the fake ‘debate amongst experts’).

2) Frame the debate as an issue of ‘parental rights’ (as if parents choosing elective surgery for their children is somehow a right or valid parental choice). Avoid the topic of human/children’s rights – and if it comes up – compare circumcision to everyday food, education and vaccination…

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