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Plastibel circumcision – the risks and complications

It is often said that a “Plastibell” circumcision is painless and doesn’t involve any cutting or blood. Many people say that it is a more “gentle” circumcision without any risks. All of these statements are false. It is not “safer” or “without risk”. In fact, there are studies surrounding the complications of this method. This article includes a video of a Plastibell circumcision, as well as photos involving just a few (of many) complications. ***WARNING: very graphic content***

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Australian Doctors liken circumcision with child abuse

With fewer than 1 in 1,000 Australian doctors involving themselves in the unethical practice of forced circumcision upon minors, it’s a surprise only half equate the practice to child abuse. Nevertheless, it’s encouraging to see community attitudes shifting so quickly.

“Half of the Australian Doctor community believe that the circumcision of newborns is tantamount to child abuse and should never be performed, a survey reveals.”

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