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Dr S P Cowie

Dr Cowie makes the suggestion on his website that because ‘you didn’t keep your umbilical cord’, that it is justified to cut off the end of your baby’s penis. I would have difficulty trusting a doctor that makes such ridiculous claims, and clearly doesn’t know the difference between something that is temporarily used during gestation and a valuable body part that is used for life.

Dr S P Cowie

Redgum Skin Cancer Clinic
174 Hancock Road, Ridgehaven, 5097
Phone: 08 83963398

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Dr Van Vu

Dr Van Vu claims that circumcision reduces the incidence of Urinary Tract Infections in infants, and that intact boys are 10 times more likely to get a UTI. This information is based on flawed studies, and further analysis of that data has shown that 50 to 100 boys would need to be circumcised to prevent just 1 UTI. What is really interesting is that Dr Vu even admits on his website that the surgery actually causes infections in 2% of the boys he circumcises, and these types of infections caused by circumcision are more serious that UTIs.

The reasons that these Doctors come up with to try to convince you to amputate part of your baby’s penis can be quite astonishing, and this next one is a great example of this. Apparently, Dr Van Vu suggests that cervical cancer is more common in partners of men who have not been circumcised. So he is suggesting that you should cut off part of your son to provide a reduced risk of cervical cancer to his potential partners in 20 years time or more? Shouldn’t she be looking at ways to reduce her risk by practicing safe sex and not smoking? See the statement from the American Cancer Society on the circumcision and cervical cancer myth.

Dr Van Vu

Adelaide Circumcision Clinic

480 Port Road, West Hindmarsh
Phone:  08 8241 5556


27 Adelaide Rd, Gawler
Phone: 8522 5555

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