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Dr Leon Levitt

Dr Leon Levitt

Quote from website re: ‘after care’ – ‘please do not contact your local doctor or any local hospital including Princess Margaret Hospital when you have concerns about the circumcision. Please contact OUR doctors, whether during office hours, or after hours when Dr Levitt will be available to take your call for urgent matters.’

Dr Levitt includes the above statement on his website, because he is aware that Princess Margaret Hospital may release details of botched circumcisions and other complications from his clinic to the media. This is the statement from Princess Margaret Hospital:

“Only about 5 per cent of male babies born in WA in the past two years have undergone the procedure, suggesting that parents are less likely to want their sons circumcised. But it is still common enough, its opponents say, that Princess Margaret Hospital for Children admits half a dozen baby boys each year suffering from infection or hemorrhaging because of it. Princess Margaret Hospital specialist Dr Philip King said it was an unnecessary operation performed on babies when they were most vulnerable to infection and bleeding.”

Read more here.

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