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Plastibell circumcision: what really happens?

The Plastibell circumcision technique is the most common technique used in Australia. Parents who are considering this for their baby boy should view some videos of the procedure to esure that they are fully informed on exactly what is involved. Click on the link below to view the video:

Plastibell Infant Circumcision by vallridg

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Another botched circumcision

A successful circumcision inflicts permanent damage. But all too often we hear of so called ‘botched’ circumcisions. Here is a recent example.

“EDINBURG, Texas (CN) – A doctor botched a circumcision of a 4-year-old boy so badly that the boy pleaded to “just cut it off and (he) can be a girl,” the parents claim in court. Rafael and Vanessa Deleon sued Dr. Jennifer J. Garza, of McAllen, in Hidalgo County Court. They claim they learned from specialists that Garza over-cauterized the penis to try to stop the bleeding, damaging their son’s urethra and requiring reconstructive surgery to close the holes.”

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